A Walk Around Avebury World Heritage Site

It’s both a blessing and rather unfortunate that The Ridgeway National Trail should start at Avebury World Heritage Site, one of the most remarkable places in the United Kingdom. You have been waiting anxiously for the moment when you can put your first feet on The Ridgeway. And yet here we are, right at the […]

Hillforts on The Ridgeway

One of Britain’s hidden treasures is its hillforts. There are believed to be about 5,000 in the United Kingdom. But what are they? When did they come about? And why? And why are there so many hillforts on the Ridgeway? You might think the clue was in the title. But you’d be wrong. Hillforts don’t […]

The Ridgeway: England’s Oldest Road?

There is quite some confusion regarding The Ridgeway’s claim to be England’s Oldest Road. The truth is that The Ridgeway forms part of England’s Oldest Road: the Icknield Way, which ran from Wiltshire to Norfolk. Its precise start and finish is undefined. Some believe it starts in Salisbury; others much further west in Exeter. In […]